Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Active Listening for the 3rd Grade

Listen to a part of a short story reading from the radio. While listening, complete the missing words with the ones you hear.

Skeleton in the Cupboard
Narrator :

It was a busy day, as usual. The traffic circle began to get scorched in the strengthening heat of that morning as a protest was taking place. People in a long wavy line, among them religious groups and local community leaders—were staging an outcry against the issue of the “Playboy” magazine-Indonesian version. They were jamming up the well-known capital city of Jakarta. This was indeed troublesome! Sinta and I were among those who were trapped in that awful situation, behind the steering wheel.
Sinta : Is something bothering you, Ann?
Annie : Ehm…. It’s from my mom at home. About my little brother, Jody.
Sinta : What’s ( 1 )______with him?
Annie : He was caught scanning a porn magazine in his classroom. What a shame! He’s still 15. I can’t
( 2 )_____my ears!
Sinta : Where’s he now?
Annie : My mom said he would be very ( 3 )_____ if my dad found out, so he decided to sleep out tonight. He’s staying at a friend’s house. He didn’t tell my mom where it was exactly. There should be no reason for him not to live up to what he has done. Besides, my dad has never been too strict with him.
Sinta : Strict? There’s nothing wrong about being hard on a child for his own ( 4 )_____. That’s if you don’t want to let him down someday.
Annie : You know, I just ( 5 )_____myself. Am I a good sister that he can be proud of?
Sinta : Do you have any problems with your brother?
Annie : No, … no, everything is okay. I remember the last time we had a conversation. The way Jody talked and ( 6 )_____had convinced me and I found nothing wrong with him. I know, many kids the same age as he would probably try new things to amuse and please themselves, ( 7 )______, including sexually. Was this normal? First seeing, next doing. Could I say the time hadn’t come yet for you to do that, Jody? Oh, come on….
(Suddenly Sintas’s phone rings, it is an SMS)
Sinta : Want to read this SMS?
Annie : Gimme that. “Honey, where have you been? It’s been a week. Don’t you ( 8 )_____ me? Please reply.” Is it from your boyfriend, Syahril?
Sinta : No, it is from Andre.
Annie : Well, well, well…. How long have you been involved with him?
Sinta : Almost a year.
Annie : Oh, my God. Does your boyfriend, Syahril ( 9 )_____it?
Sinta : No, I guess not. I hope not.
Annie : Look, please don’t take this wrong. But, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have two boyfriends at the same time.
Sinta : I know that. But, you don’t know Syahril. He’s so (10)_____, selfish, and….

A. Find out:

Decide whether these statements are true or false.
1. Jody’s father is very strict with him. T – F
2. Jody ran away from home because he needs some fatherly advice. T – F
3. According to Sinta, strict parents are good for children. T – F
4. Sinta has two boyfriends. T – F
5. Annie adviced Sinta to have two boyfriends at a time. T – F

B. Answer the following questions.

1. What do you call the previous kind of the text?
2. What do you call it a personal narrative?
3. When does the complication start?
4. How is the ending of the story?
5. Does the writer give the readers a chance to guess the end of the story?

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