Thursday, January 28, 2010

English Remedial Test for Grade X

Read each text carefully then answer the questions that follow.

Text 1 is for question number 1 to 5

An Excursion to Bogor Botanic Garden
     All right, everybody, I’ll tell you about this great place. On Friday 16 March we went to Bogor Botanic Garden. We went there by bus and we arrived at that famous garden at 10 o’clock.
     Arriving at the garden, we were divided into two groups. Group A followed Mrs. Nina and Group B followed Mr. Ahmad. I was in group A. Well, first we went to the odd tropical plants and Mrs. Nina read us some of the information. Then, we looked at all the lovely plants. After that, we went to a little spot near the Raffles cemetery and had morning tea. Next, we did some sketching and then we met group B at the information center to have our lunch.

     Soon, it was time for us to go to the orchid section while Group B did some research on flowers. Uhm…A lady led us to the orchid section. Then, she explained about many kinds of orchid.
     Next, we had a look at the Indonesian orchid. Wow, we saw many kinds of Indonesian orchids. They were all beautiful. Later, we took a look at the American, European and Asian orchid’s section. It was interesting. Soon after we had finished our observations, we went back outside and met group B. Then, we got on the bus and returned to school. We really enjoyed the trip to Bogor Botanic Garden.

1. What is an excursion?
2. When and how did they arrive at Bogor Botanic Garden?
3. What time did they arrive at Bogor Botanic Garden?
4. What group did the writer follow and who was the leader?
5. What type of text is the text above?

Text 2 is for question number 6 to 10

The Fly and the Bull
      There was once a little fly who thought he was very important. He felt proud of himself. One sunny morning, he flew around looking for someone to talk to. He saw a bull grazing in a field. He decided to fly down to talk to him.
      The little fly flew down and buzzed around the bull’s head. The bull did not bother him. He went on chewing grass.
     The fly then buzzed right inside the bull’s ear. The bull continued chewing grass. The fly thought, “What a stupid animal!”
     Now, the fly decided to land on the bull’s horns to make the bull notice him. He waited for the bull to say something but the bull kept quiet.
The fly then shouted angrily, “Oh, Bull, if you find that I am too heavy for you, let me know and I’ll fly away!”.
     The bull laughed and said, “Little fly, I don’t care if you stay or leave. You are so tiny and that your weight does not make any difference to me, so please be quiet and leave me alone. ”

6. Where and when did the story happen?
7. Who were involved in the story?
8. What problem did the fly have?
9. How did he overcome his problem?
10. What do you call a story that talks about animals which can speak like human?

Text 3 is for question number 11 to 15

The Hole Game
There are two players, one marble per person, a hole in ground, a line (distance) to start from.
1. You must dub (click marbles together).
2. You must check that the marbles are in good condition and are nearly worth the same value.
3. Dig a hole in the ground and draw a line, a fair distance away from the hole.
4. The first player carefully throws his or her marbles towards the hole.
5. Then the second player tries to throw his or her marble closer to the hole than his or her opponent.
6. The player whose marble is closest to the hole tries to flick his/her marble into the hole. If successful, this player tries to flick his or her opponent’s marble in to the hole. The person flicking the last marble into the hole wins and gets to keep both marbles.

11. Who is the winner of this game?
12. Paragraph 3 mainly describes ….
13. “Dig a hole in the ground and draw a line …” (Paragraph 2)
The underlined sentence belongs to ….
14. The type of the text above is a/an ….
15. What materials are needed to play the game?

Text 4 is for question number 16 to 20

     Five years ago only a businessman or very rich people had a computer. Now they are much cheaper and everyone can have one. This computer costs Rp. 6,000,000.00. So yesterday you bought a computer and you want to do something with it.
     First, you must make it work and it can’t work alone. You need a monitor screen, a CPU to a monitor screen, a CPU (Central Processor Unit) and also a keyboard. This is what you do. Connect the CPU to the monitor screen, with the black and the red cable. Then connect the keyboard to the CPU and the monitor screen. Now your computer is working, and you can start to write programs or Word Processors, or play games.

16. The generic structure of paragraph 2 is ….
17. The text mainly describes ….
18. Mention the materials needed to operate a computer.
19. Write down the steps to operate a computer.
20. What do you call the type of the text above?

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