Monday, January 11, 2010

Listening Section for Grade XI

Read and listen to the following conversation. Pay attention to the intonation used in the conversation. Then, answer the questions.
Situation : Putri was looking for an idea to make a summary of a folk tale.
She met Pingkan in the library.

Pingkan : Hey, What’s up? Why are you looking so sad? Tell me your problem.
Putri : Well, my teacher gave me an (1)_____ to make a summary of a folk tale. But I didn’t get any idea at all. I’m confused.
Pingkan : Hey, cheer up! I read a folk tale last week. It’s a (2)______from Java.
Putri : Oh, did you? What’s the title?
Pingkan : Uhm….. let me remember it for a moment.. Uhm … yeah, I remember it now. It was “Keong Mas”.

Putri : Really? Tell me the story, then.
Pingkan : Okay, the story is about Princess Galuh Candra Kirana of Daha Kingdom who was engaged to Raden Inu Kertapati, the (3)_____of Kahuripan Kingdom. Their wedding almost failed because of Galuh Ajeng’s jealousy. Galuh Ajeng was GaluhCandra Kirana’s sister.
Putri : I guess I know why she was (4)______. She loved the prince and wanted to marry him. Am I right?
Pingkan : A hundred percent correct. You know what? She, then planned to jeopardize the wedding.
Putri : How did she do it?
Pingkan : Well, she went to an evil witch. She ordered her to harm Galuh Candra Kirana with her evil withcraft spells.
Putri : Did it work?
Pingkan : Yes, it did. Galuh Candra Kirana suddenly fell ill and all her body (5)_____from boils. She smelled very bad. Her father was very ashamed of her and got rid of her from the palace.
Putri : How unfortunate for her!
Pingkan : So, she went into the forest and the spell continued to work. She (6)_____ changed into a golden snail (Keong Mas) and was stranded in the Dadapan forest. There she met an old poor woman. The woman kept the snail in her big earthen jar.
Putri : How lucky the snail was. Well, go on.
Pingkan : The next day, something happened. The woman (7)_____nothing in forest for her dinner. So she went home sadly. You know what, to her surprise, there were delicious meals on her dinning table. This happened for several days.
Putri : She must have wondered where the food came from.
Pingkan : You bet! So to cut a long story, the woman pretended to go into the forest but on the way she (8)_____ home. She found Princess Galuh Candra Kirana preparing meals for her. She felt sorry for her and (9)_____ to God to help Galuh Candra Kirana.
Putri : Didn’t Raden Kerta Ibnu do something?
Pingkan : Of course, he did. At the end of the story, he met again with Galuh Candra Kirana. They got (10)_____and lived in Kahuripan Kingdom.
Putri : Well, at least the story has a happy ending. Thanks a lot, Pingkan. It has really inspired me.
Pingkan : That’s what friends are for.

Find out:

1. Where did the legend come from?
2. Where did the story happend?
3. What was Princess Galuh Candra Kirana’s problem?
4. What did she do when she found out that her body smelled bad?
5. Where did she get stranded?
6. Who found Keong Mas?
7. Where was she kept?
8. How did the story end?
9. What type of text is the story above?
10. What tenses are mostly used in the story?

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