Monday, February 1, 2010

An Example of Explanation Text

Read the text below then answer the questions that follow.
     Good morning, students. Hmm, have you ever heard about ‘Cire Perdue’ or ‘Lost Wax’? Well, let me axplain. ‘Cire Perdue’ which is the French words for ‘lost wax’ is a process of wax casting used in making metal sculptures.
     When a model is coated with wax, the solidified wax is encased in a two-layer mold of plaster or clay. It is then melted or otherwise removed from the mold, and the metal is poured into the space where the wax had been. Oh, I almost forgot, after cooling, the mold is broken to free the metal object.
     This ancient method is used to produce sculpture, jewelry, and utilitarian products, such as dentures. Do you understand? Not yet? Okay, how about going to the library to find more information about ‘Lost Wax’? See you and goodluck.

Find out:
01. What does the text tell you?
02. What is Lost Wax?
03. What are the tools you need in the Lost Wax process?
04. How many stages are there in the Lost Wax process?
05. Which of these is the purpose of the text?
       a. To describe the way things are?
       b. To explain the process involved in the formation of socicultural phenomena?
06. Can you find the expressions typically used in conversation in the text?   Mention them.
07. Circle all the action verbs used in the text.
08. Underline all the passive sentences used in the text.
09. Are there any conjunctions used in the text? Mention them?
10. Is the text written in the present tense? Why?

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