Sunday, February 7, 2010

Listening Section X | smt. 2

Listen to the cassette and fill in the blanks.

Do you like birds? Do you have one at home? I have one. It’s a cockatoo. It’s the most (....1....) bird I have ever had. I call it BB.Well, BB is originally (...2...) to the Philippines. BB has a stiff feathered crest and (...3...) hooked beak. Her body size lies between 30 and 32 centimeters. You see, BB is a (...4...) cockatoo.
She is clever at mimicking a human’s (...5...). She can say, “Good morning. How are you today?” or sing “Twinkle, twinkle little stars”. She (...6...) very loudly when she is (...7...). Every body finds her (...8...). BB has (...9...) feathers. She has blue feathers with bright markings. The combination of blue, orange and pink makes her look cute. You know what, she can (...10...) up two ears of corn every day and she drinks a lot of water.

Find out:
1.   What is BB?
2.   What does it look like?
3.   Is she a clever cockatoo? how do you know?
4.   What does she eat?
5.   Where does the bird come from?
6.   How big is BB?
7.   What is the speaker's purpose in this text?
8.   What tenses are mostly used in the text?
9.   Write down the verbs in the text.
10. What type of text is the text above?

Source: Look A Head_an English Course for Senior High School Students Year X_p.118

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