Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In this section, you will learn how to :
  • identify factual information in news item texts.
  • identify the structure of news item texts.
  • identify the purpose of news item texts.

Read the following news. Pay attention to its structure and language feature. Then, answer the questions.

Man Jailed for Striking RI Maid

SINGAPORE: A supervisor was jailed for two months for repeatedly striking his Indonesian maid on the head and back with a television remote control, news reports said on Thrusday.
    Muhamad Shafiq Woon Abdullah admitted in a Singapore court he physically abused the women on several occasion between june and October 2002, The Straits Times said.
    The magistrate’s court heard that Shafiq, 31, began striking Winarti 22, about a month after she strated working for him.
    He hit her on the head with the TV set’s remote control because he was unhappy with he work. On one occasion, he punched her on the back after accusing her of daydreaming .
    S.S. Dhillon, Shafiq’s lawyer, said his client lost his “better senses” when he saw his daughter’s face covered as she lay in bed.
    He said his client thought the maid had put the child indanger.-DPA.

After reading the text above,find out the answers for each question carefully.
1. Why was the man jailed?
2. What made this event newsworthy?
3. Find the fact why the man should be  jailed..
4. Why did the man abuse the maid?
5. Mention the source of the news.
   What did he/she say?

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