Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Objectives :
In this section, you will learn how to:
• respond to news item texts.
• identify factual information in news item texts;
• identify the source of news item texts.

Moving Forward

First Challenge.
Listen to the news. While listening, fill in the blanks.

Hello, listeners, you’re still with me Mike Tjokro from 007 FM Archid, the one and only radio station for all. Thanks for joining with us again. The latest news for today comes from Kendari, southeast Sulawesi. It is about the Kendari SAR team that have found three more victims. Here is the news in detail.

On (1)______ a search-and-rescue team found three more (2)______ from a ship that sank in the Banda Sea. They had been missing since the (3)______ occurred on Friday last week. They were Aris Triono, the (4)______ of the Amami Cargo ship, Yakub, a (5)______, and Suharto, a passenger.

They (6)______ on Thursday floating in waters close to Menui Island, Central Sulawesi province. The province is adjacent to the southeast Sulawesi province and the Banda Sea.

Two other victims were (7)______ saved by the SAR team in the Banda Sea on (8)________ last week, only a day after the ship (9)______ due to (10)______.
The SAR team is still (11)______ for ten crew members and a (12)______ still missing from the incident, said Rocky Asikin, the head of Kendari SAR team.

Find out the answers from the text above.
   1.    How many victims were there in the accident?
   2.    When did the incident happen?
   3.    Who discovered the victim?
   4.    Who were found by the Kendari SAR?
   5.    When did the Kendari SAR find the victims?
   6.    Why couldn’t the victims be found earlier?
   7.    Who is the leader of the Kendari SAR?
   8.    What problems have been faced by the Kendari SAR?
   9.    Find surprising news (newsworthy event(s)) from the previous text.

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